Wade Titus

Tattoos & Fine Art

Owner at Black Orchid Tattoo Collective and Fine Art Gallery

About Wade Titus

Wade is an award winning artist who resides in Lancaster, California and owns Black Orchid Tattoo Collective and Art Gallery. Wade excels in Realism, Hyper-Realism, Bio Mechanical, Portraits, and Horror. Wade is known to take any idea and turn it into a masterpiece, pushing his artwork to reach the next level and creating a name for himself. Whether it is a pencil drawing, painting, tattoo, or portrait, Wade's passion and dedication to art shines through every piece. His passion for art is what pushes him to become a staple in the tattoo industry, and he has dedicated his life to create art and inspire others.
About Wade Titus About Wade Titus About Wade Titus

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Check out some of Wade's most recent work.

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Fine Art Gallery

Not only is Wade a Tattoo artist, he specializes in other mediums as well. Check out some of his paintings...

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Have a picture you love and want it memorialized?

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Paint Nights

Interested in learning how to paint an intricate piece, but don't know where to start? Come to one of Wade's many Paint nights at Black Orchid for a fun time and a one of a kind painting done by you!

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Contact Information

  • 506 West Lancaster Boulevard, Lancaster, CA, USA